Business Process Management

Our dynamic BPM offerings quickly streamline and automate complex management processes thereby improving process efficiencies and maximizing cost-efficiency.

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Back Office Operations

Streamline your back office operations and manage your business process costs with our variety of specialised and process-driven back-office operations across all industries.

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Transform your workforce with our unique business process automation charged up wth latest AI Technology

Analytics & Dashboards

We offer Marketing, Customer Care, automation & Interactive Services across all digital channels with advanced analytics, service mapping and channel enablement

Market Research & Mystery Shopping

Analyze your company’s current customer service quality from a third eye approach apart from customer satisfaction scores with CEC’s SMART Technology

Why CEC’s BPM Solutions?

We help organizations achieve greater flexibility and efficiency through our SMART BPM solutions

CEC prides on its team of highly skilled BPM experts as well as the proven strategies. We possess in-depth domain experience, globally acclaimed practices, as well as deep process knowledge. We know that automation of core business processes will prove to be one of the prime requisites for unsurpassed development.


Saving in TCO Saving


FTE Cost Benefits


AHT Reductions

Improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs with our SMART BPM Solutions

Know how you can Develop and manage business processes that improve collaboration and responsiveness while reducing IT costs with CEC Global's SMART BPM Solutions